UChicago Launches PhD program in Computational and Applied Mathematics

May 27, 2017

By Greg Borzo
March 27, 2017

The University of Chicago's Division of the Physical Sciences is launching a PhD program in computational and applied mathematics, part of an expansion into a field at the intersection of big data and scientific discovery.

The program, which has started accepting applications, has engaged faculty from numerous departments, including statistics, computer science, mathematics, neurobiology, human genetics, and astronomy and astrophysics. It follows the division's addition of an undergraduate major in computational and applied mathematics and the hiring of new faculty focused on the interdisciplinary field.

"The University's expanding focus on computational and applied mathematics provides a training ground for a new generation of scholars who will harness data in new and innovative ways to produce discoveries across the sciences," said Edward "Rocky" Kolb, dean of the division and the Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor in Astronomy and Astrophysics. "The doctoral program will ensure that massive data sets and powerful computational algorithms to which scientists increasingly have access produce rigorous and correct results."

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