Justin Finkel

PhD Student, Advanced to Candidacy
Washington University in St. Louis

Justin Finkel
Jones 307


Justin is pursuing interdisciplinary research in applied math and earth science, leveraging tools of statistical mechanics and signal processing for data-driven climate modeling, particularly of rare and extreme events. He is supported by the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, beginning September 2018. Before coming to UChicago, he studied physics and mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis. He conducted research in historical extreme weather statistics with professor Jonathan Katz, as well as image processing of the Martian surface to retrieve mineralogical information with professor Raymond Arvidson. Outside of mathematics, Justin enjoys running and unicycling on the lake shore, juggling, and concocting elaborate puns. To learn more about Justin and his research, please visit his website at https://justinfocus12.github.io/.