PhD Program

Program of Study

First year students are required to take two 3-quarter-course sequences; one is an analytic/physical mathematics+modeling track, which includes applied functional analysis, PDE and applied dynamical systems, and the other track is a computational one that includes matrix computation, optimization and machine learning.

In addition to these first year required courses, students take an elective course each quarter. They are assigned a first-year advisor who will help them select appropriate elective courses for their interests. 

At the end of the first year courses, students are assessed in these areas with a pair of exams, one on each of the tracks. For these, students must choose 2 out of the 3 courses, for each track, for their exam questions.

While students need only take courses in their first year, most take courses well into their second, in addition to taking reading courses and research seminars.

Students typically select a thesis advisor by the end of their second year, and choose a three-person thesis committee with that advisor. They present a thesis research proposal to their thesis committee at the end of their third year. Thesis committees meet at least once each year to assess a student's progress and provide feedback. The final milestone is the thesis defense. The anticipated time-to-degree is approximately 5 years.

In addition to courses, students participate in a student seminar series and also attend the CAM colloquium, in addition to other seminar series around campus.