Autumn 2022: CAAM 31430=STAT 31430

Course: CAAM 31430=STAT 31430

Title: Applied Linear Algebra

Instructor(s): Eric Baer

Teaching Assistant(s): TBA

Class Schedule: Sec 1: MW 3:00 PM–4:20 PM

Location: Eckhart 203

Description: This course will provide a review and development of topics in linear algebra aimed toward preparing students for further graduate coursework in Computational and Applied Mathematics. Topics will include discussion of matrix factorizations (including diagonalization, the spectral theorem for normal matrices, the singular value decomposition, and the Schur and polar decompositions), and an overview of classical direct and iterative approaches to numerical methods for problems formulated in the language of linear algebra (including the conjugate gradient method). Additional topics will be included depending on student interests.