AUTUMN 2020: CAAM 31610=STAT 31610

Course: CAAM 31610=STAT 31610

Title: Mathematical Aspects of Electronic Structure of Materials

Instructor(s): Daniel Massatt

Teaching Assistant(s): TBA

Class Schedule: Sec 01: TuTh 1:00 PM–2:20 PM

Office Hours: 


Description: This course considers mathematical and numerical methods to approach electronic structure of materials through several hot-topic examples including topological insulators and incommensurate 2D materials in addition to classical systems such as periodic crystals. The course will begin with a discussion of the basics of quantum mechanics for those not yet familiar before moving to models designed for varying system sizes, from DFT to tight-binding. The theory and numerical tools for studying observables such as Chern numbers, conductivity, and density of states will be considered.