Spring 2019:  CAAM 31140=STAT 31140, CMSC 31140

Course:  CAAM 31140=STAT 31140, CMSC 31140

Title:  Computational Imaging: Theory and Methods

Instructor(s):  Rebecca Willett

Class Schedule:  Sec 01: MW 9:00 AM-10:20 AM in Jones 226

Description:  Computational imaging refers to the process of forming images from data where computation plays an integral role. This course will cover basic principles of computational imaging, including image denoising, regularization techniques, linear inverse problems and optimization-based solvers, and data acquisition models associated with tomography and interferometry. Specific topics may include patch-based denoising, sparse coding, total variation, dictionary learning, computational photography, compressive imaging, inpainting, and deep learning for image reconstruction.